Fresh from WCKD's grasp, Minho (Ki Hong Lee) wakes up in Seoul, Korea with bizarre, but seemingly harmless company. Korean pop stars Kangnam, NS Yoon-G, with special cameos by 2PM's Nichkhun and Taecyeon are all helpful in setting up an effective disguise and plan for Minho to make a break for it—or is it?

05:45   148,594 Views

Can’t Stop Crayon Pop!

One of history's epic showdowns! Watch as the girls of Crayon Pop take the terrifying monster, Crayon Gary!

02:58   12,179 Views


THE RUSH IS BACK as Sean "Diddy" Combs and Lee Byung-Hun star in a parody trailer for the upcoming sequels of both RUSH HOUR and FACE/OFF. Never coming to a theatre near you.

02:51   26,465 Views

Ricecake-Piercer (Episode 01)

Did they really parody Director Bong Joon-Ho's "Snow Piercer"? What is the true meaning of the ricecake? Take a ride on the "Ricecake-Piercer" and find out its dirty secret...

08:30   75,562 Views

Girl at the HRS

A warm love story inside a freezing military training camp between a drill sergeant (NANA of After School) and a private (Yang Dong-Geun) as sung and narrated by the silky smooth voice of Jeff Bernat.

05:02   56,469 Views

What’s Eating Steven Yeun? (Episode 01)

AMC's "The Walking Dead" star Steven Yeun leaves behind his fabulous life and love interest (2NE1's Sandara Park) to become the biggest "Mukbang Star" (broadcast eating) the world has yet to see.

05:14   261,220 Views

Girl, You Better Walk

K-pop star HyunA and singer/actress Rita Ora go toe-to-toe in a walk-off battle for the ages.

02:18   18,200 Views

Anna Kendrick goes K-Pop with f(x)

Academy Award nominee and Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick joins K-pop group f(x) in an effort to expand her fan base throughout the world... And things go as well as you'd expect.

04:36   12,358 Views

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